Simon Cowell Says He And Cheryl Cole Are Back On Good Terms After X Factor Axe

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Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell X Factor

It’s been a long time coming – matter of fact, it’s been eleven months since Cheryl Cole was set to face the boot from talent show, X Factor after producers felt she wasn’t contributing in her part with the judges and the audience. After it was made official that Cheryl was receiving the axe, Cole was allegedly heard saying that she vowed never to speak with Simon Cowell again for ‘humiliating’ her.

However, it seems that the two have finally made up and are back on good terms. Simon was very close to Cheryl during their time on the UK version of the talent show but admitted on their relationship breakdown to Live magazine. When asked if the two were back on track with each other, he said: “I think it is, yeah – we text occasionally.

“I mean she’s not on the phone every night anymore, but she broke the ice when she sent me that funny birthday message. I thought it was hilarious. I loved her for it.”

Cole sent Simon a birthday card for his birthday back in October of an aeroplane flying in the sky with the message, ‘Simon Cowell is 52 today. Ha ha ha. Love Cheryl’. He added: “I know when I’ve crossed the line a little bit. I thought there was going to be a big reaction. I wasn’t prepared for what was coming next. I had to apologise for the way it was handled.”

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