Scott Disick Abandons Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian While Lamar Odom Neglects Khloe Kardashian

Scott Disick Abandons Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian While Lamar Odom Neglects Khloe Kardashian

A Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian has been abandoned by Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian is also suffering neglect from Lamar Odom.  Kim Kardashian is apparently in desperate trouble as Kim and her security team fear for her life but Scott and Lamar remain aloof.

The cover story of this week’s issue In Touch reads:Kourtney and Khloe – Alone and Desperate – Their Men Abandon Them When They Need Them Most

Pregnant Kourtney’s pic comes with the caption: “Scott parties with club girls in Miami while she’s home dealing with raging hormones and a toddler.”

This is a repeat performance in Scott’s case – while he is out partying and grabbing women Kourtney struggles with pregnancy and caring for their 4-year-old child, Mason.   Scott is in it with Kourtney for the money and he has demonstrated that previously.  He is already well known as a total lecher who tries to avoid family responsibility. He dreads being saddled with another child and only sticks around for the Kardashian fame and fortune.

Kourtney had hoped that a second baby would make Scott grow up but that is not happening. Scott continues to party and enjoy the good life making it pretty clear that the only reason he is around Kourtney is her bank account.

Under Khloe’s photo is the caption: “Drinking her loneliness away in Dallas, fed-up Lamar quits their reality show.”

Every time you turn around Khloe is there in the media. You would think that Khloe is far from lonely since she is rarely alone!

As far as Lamar quitting the reality show… well that guy knew exactly what he was getting into when he married Khloe.  Lamar adores the spotlight and so his need for Khloe and her Kardashian Konnections is huge.

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We think that Scott is a bum but we don’t think Lamar is leaving Khloe.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

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