Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West Rumors Says ‘You Never Know’

Kim Kardashian Address Kanye West Rumors Says 'You Never Know'

Yesterday the internet was abuzz with the news that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were hooking up.  Taking advantage of those rumors The Today Show got Kim in for an interview cause that is just want everyone wants to know right?

Ann Curry of The Today Show chatted about the PETA incident, her divorce proceedings and tried to get info on the Kim/Kanye gate scandal.

Kim of course played coy and told Ann that her life in the public has been less than satisfying lately.  Could that be because of all the bad press she has been receiving since dumping Kris Humphries her husband of just 72 days!

When directly asked about Kanye’s new song ‘Theraflu” which is rumored to be about Kim and her date with Kanye she responded: “I’ve said it before, Kanye and me have been friends for years and you never know what the future holds and where it’ll take me. So—I like the song!”

What do you think?  Check out the video below and let us know!

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