Teen Mom Shocker – Amber Portwood is a Lesbian!!

Teen Mom Shocker – Amber Portwood is a Lesbian!!

A new bombshell landed today for Teen Mom, Amber Portwood.  Portwood’s ex-fiancé, and the father to her daughter Leah, Gary Shirley, blasted out on Twitter that his ex was a lesbian and into girls.

 Gary Shirley posted:    “For all you lucky ladies I just found out Amber is a Lesbian.  I think I turned her gay. Damn it this always happens to me lol.”

But when I myself took matters in my own hands and went on Gary’s official twitter page, there was no tweet to be found. Only one that popped out to me that said:

 “Guys Amber is not a Lesbian just proving a point that people believe everything they hear.”

Clicked around to see if Amber herself had a Twitter but all I got was ‘Sorry that page does not exist.’  So this bombshell we heard about is certainly not true.  I guess Gary himself makes an excellent point when he says people will believe anything they hear.

I think we all should leave Amber and Gary alone for the sake of their daughter Leah and let them live their lives as normal human beings – if only they were normal human beings!

Do you find yourself believing anything related to celebrities when it comes to the dirty dirt?  Even if it’s a rumor do you believe it’s true?  Tell why or why not in the comments below?

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