Cheryl Cole Is Disgusted By Simon Cowell’s Comments On Wanting To Have An Affair With Her

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Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell X Factor

Cheryl Cole is not a very happy woman as of right now! As we all know, Simon Cowell has been making more headlines these past two months than Joan Rivers‘ visits to her surgeon… and that says something. However, one of the headlines which were recently printed in the UK has rubbed Cheryl the wrong way as she has seen Simon as a father figure.

Cowell had recently said that he was hoping to get together with Cole (before things were getting nasty after she was fired from X Factor) and have a relationship with her. In the biography, Sweet ­Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell the music mogul says he was absolutely ‘mesmerized’ by Cheryl and adds that she definitely played him.

“I would have liked an affair with Cheryl. I felt like a mouse being played with by a beautiful cat. She would come in dressed in her tracksuit and slippers, drop her eyes and play the soulful victim to get around me. She played me. I adored her,” he says in the book.

In reply to Simon’s comment, Cheryl was sickened and told a friend the following: “How could he embarrass me like this? He was an uncle figure to me and to think all along he was trying to hit on me. It’s disgusting and creepy. I’ll never work for that man again.”

The singer who was once a best friend to Simon is now planning to release a tell all book on Cowell and reveal all the secrets since the two haven’t seen eye to eye since she was given the boot from his talent show. A source said:

“Cheryl’s been thinking about doing this for a long time and has spent months ­preparing, going through old diaries. She wants no stone left unturned. After remaining silent for so long it feels like the right time to speak out,” a source said.

“She will share all the ins and outs of her marriage breakdown as well as her life as a member of Girls Aloud. She won’t be going out to attack people but equally she wants to set the record straight.

“This week has hardened her up and made her realise it’s time to answer her critics once and for all. As for Ashley, he’s now blaming Simon for the breakdown of his ­marriage and thinks he could have kept things together with Cheryl if it hadn’t been for his meddling.”

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