Isabella Cruise Struggles In The Slums While Tom Cruise Lives In Beverly Hills

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Isabella Cruise Struggles In The Slums While Tom Cruise Lives In Beverly Hills

Tom Cruise’s adopted daughter with Nicole Kidman, Isabella Cruise, is living in deadly downtown Los Angeles on skid row – surrounding by rapists and drug dealers.  Isabella has shacked up with her musician boyfriend, Eddie Frencher, and the two rent an apartment in a terrible neighborhood.  Why is Tom allowing his daughter to live in danger?

In Touch reveals in the print edition of April 30 the scary truth:

Isabella Cruise’s life is in danger in the slums of LA. As the eldest daughter of two superstars, one would think that Isabella Cruise would be living the sweet life in a swanky Beverly Hills mansion. However, In Touch can exclusively reveal that the 19-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman has moved to an apartment in one of LA’s most dangerous neighborhoods moving to the notorious skid row downtown area with her struggling musician boyfriend, Eddie Frencher. “Isabel is now surrounded by homeless people and drug dealers,” an insider tells In Touch. “She’s a celebrity, but walks around his frightening neighborhood all by herself.”

Tom cannot be comfortable with his headstrong teen’s hasty move far from her sheltered life and high-class upbringing. “Tom believes his families vulnerable to potential kidnappers,” a source reportedly said, adding that the Mission Impossible star, 49, installed the 1 million dollar security system in the Beverly Hills home he shares with his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, six. “His system includes a guardhouse, cameras and even a moat.”

But while her father remains safe in a virtual Fort Knox, Isabel’s new building lacks even a doorman to protect her from the shady characters that swarm her street. “Tom is sure to be furious,” the insider said while Tom may be devastated by Isabel’s decision, he only has himself to blame. According to another insider, the strict father’s rules may have pushed Isabel to follow your own path. “Tom always micromanage his children’s lives,” the friend says of the actors brood with his ex-wife which also includes Connor, 17.  However, adds a pal, “Isabel has her own ideas about how she wants to live her life.”

Now, Isabel is tasting the freedom she’s always wanted, but at what cost?  “She’s putting herself in danger,” the insider warns “she is truly gone too far.”

Do you think that Tom should intervene?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jay says

    Someone needs to get this poor girl help with her severe acne! Hasn’t she seen the Pro-Activ commercial that works? Or get her to a dermatologist? I cannot believe her mom Nicole or even Katie have not helped her with this, acne can be controlled, no reason for her to have to look like this!

    1. Debbie says

      Amen, major acne! Ugh!!!!

  2. Sara says

    I agree, her acne is horrendous, Bella I think they call her needs help! All that money they have can’t someone get her to the doctor for that?

  3. Eric says

    Daddys money can’t buy her a trip to the salon and dermatologist?

  4. Jenna says

    Obviously Tom & Nicole are not good parents. They let her look like that and live in the slums. Shame on Katie too! All are horrible parents to their adopted children. Isabella looks like she has suffered a lot and rather live in the slums than with her dad.

  5. anon says

    All she needs to do is walk a block or two away, and boom, she’s in the arts district. All but skid row in downtown is fairly safe, and crime that happens is less random and more between drug dealers and their community. This story sounds rather sensationalized, and worse than it actually is–LIKE MOST HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP–DUH. Just because a parent lets their adult child make their own decisions, doesn’t mean they’re bad parents. it means their child is an adult, and they can’t really stop her from doing what she deems is right.

  6. shannon says

    who cares about the acne. its where she stuck living is what really matters. it be nice if someone could find a better place for her to live no one deserves to be poor.

  7. Elsa says

    Proactiv doesn’t work for everyone. Accutane is hardcore stuff, but I think Frasier got it banned in the USA. Maybe Isabel wants to make it on her own and not live off of daddy’s money? If so, I really admire her for that.

  8. jean says

    All that stress for such a young girl, no wonder she has skin problems. It is a wonder she doesn’t have an eating disorder or ulcers too. I don’t think I could have handled all that emotional turmoil, let alone a child trying to deal with these selfish parents. Shun your child? There is NOTHING in the world that could make me shun my children.

  9. daffodil says

    Accutane is not banned in the US. The company that makes it removed from the US market because of lawsuits, but there are other companies that make the drug under different names. Prescribing is restricted and monitored, but there is no reason she shouldn’t be able to obtain some. As for where she chooses to live, she is old enough to make said choice without her parents being able to do much of anything about it, so blaming Tom for where she lives isn’t right. He’s a loon, but in this case he has little say. Since Isabella has left scientology, Tom may not be speaking with her at all.

  10. Butterfly says

    Sad that her life has turned to this = Tom is too self centered and it will destroy him in time. Hopefully Nicole will get her help with her acne as well as other issues such as self esteem! Hope so. Perhaps Katie saw this in Isabella and got Suri out of this hell!!

  11. Rose says

    People actually play into this garbage,I think this is made up by.the media.who really cares about acne or where she lives.this is hollywood life style it sells and most believe buy into it. I enjoy reading what think about this crap.hollywood u.s.a. What. More can I say.

  12. susan says

    Kind of sounds like rebellion to me. Tom has exercised so much control over these kids lives I’m really not surprised by her actions. What better way to upset a rich and controlling daddy than to break free and move into a dangerous slum neighborhood.

  13. maria williams says

    let her do whatever she want she is an adult now but of course both parents are well off im sure they well helpthem tom cruise and nicole and katie very decent human being and a respective celebrity so for me as a parent always alert and guidethem as muchas we can i agree she needs help withher acne

  14. Bonnie Stein says

    Cannot believe any of this! whatever happened to her being married to some guy named Max? and pregnant.? Now reportedly living in the slums with a new guy named Eddie ? What reports are true ?? No one knows!

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