‘One Direction’ Blacklisted Because Of Harry Styles

'One Direction' Blacklisted Because Of Harry Styles

Back in February when ‘One Direction’ won for best single with their debut song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, Harry Styles made a big mistake thanking Radio 1 listeners when it was in fact Capital listeners who actually voted for them.

After this error, Capital station haven’t played One Direction’s music since and even another station close to Capital, Heart FM has decided to blacklist them. Harry did apology for his mistake, but the radio stations are not listening.

I guess it’s easy to make a mistake, just think about it. Your debut song wins best single, hell I’m pretty sure I’d be stuttering and making a complete fool of myself.  So, shit happens when you get excited and you don’t always think before you speak.

Anyways, I don’t really think this will hurt their career, many people especially girls that I know keep talking about them. But it’s awkward since I’ve never heard one of their songs, and honestly don’t plan to.

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