‘The X Factor’ Stalking in Desperate Attempt to Beat ‘The Voice’

'The X Factor' Stalking in Desperate Attempt to Beat 'The Voice'

In a desperate attempt to beat out The Voice, The X Factor plan to pick up all the talented people the can find before their competition even has a chance to by sending out a van! Simon Cowell will begin his “X Factor Stalking” in the UK first and the van will drive around looking for contestants that may not be close to the arena auditions, the first place of their tour is Plymouth on April 25th.

Even UK Judge, Gary Barlow is backing this ideal, he said, “We want to make sure we find all the talent the country has to offer and the extra auditions allow even more people to try out.”

In some ways I just see this as some sort of desperate act, trying to find some hidden talents in other areas just so that they can beat another show. I personally believe the way The Voice is judged is what made it more interesting, compared to the X Factor. Besides, can you really tell me that you remember who won X Factor, at least in the US? Didn’t think so.

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