Kayne West & Kim Kardashion – True Romance Or Desperate Stunt?

Kayne West & Kim Kardashion - True Romance Or Desperate Stunt

This week’s issue of US Magazine is answering the story on everyone’s lips – is the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West romance true love or just a publicity stunt?  While Kim and Kanye have known each other for years it seems that all of a sudden what was a friendship for years has blossomed into a heavy romance.

Naturally, any move by Kim comes under intense scrutiny since her wedding and divorce with Kris Humphries appears in retrospect to have been planned exclusively for reality TV.  It does seem rather a coincidence that right before the cameras start rolling for next season’s reality show filming Kim decides to have a very public love affair with one of the biggest names in popular music.

What do you think the truth is?  Can Kim possibly do anything without her reality TV empire in mind?  Does Kim really love Kanye or is this just good business?

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