Snooki Weighs In On ‘Tan Mum’ Who Allegedly Took Her 5-Year Old Daughter Tanning: ‘That Bitch Is Crazy’

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Snooki and Tan Mum

Jersey Shore star and soon-to-be mom, Snooki shared her opinion on Patricia Krentcil, 44, allegedly taking her 5-year old daughter tanning in New Jersey. Krentcil has denied reports that claim she did despite the little girl admitting to have gone tanning with her mother – Patricia was never charged though. The reality-TV star made it clear that she thinks Pat’s lying and calls her a ‘bitch’ for doing something that can harm a young child’s skin.

“That bitch is crazy”, Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, revealed to Extra earlier this week.  “You are not supposed to take kids there. Everyone knows you are not supposed to take kids there!”

Nicole who has shown her love for tanning salons on the hit show, Jersey Shore definitely doesn’t approve of the actions Kentcil made and by the looks of it, we have no reason to doubt her because we’re very certain that the young girl did go tanning with her mother. Polizzi is expected to give birth to her first child by Jionni LaValle in August whilst shooting for season 6 of Jersey Shore

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