Kardashian War: Kim Kardashian Furious Mom Kris Jenner Stole Millions From Her

Kardashian War: Kim Kardashian Furious Mom Kris Jenner Stole Millions From Her

According to the National Enquirer there is a war brewing over at the Kardashian camp.  Reportedly Kim Kardashian feels she has been cheated out of millions of dollars by her mother, Kris Jenner.  Everyone knows that Kim relies on her mom to take care of the business end of things in her reality TV world and product line.  But it came as a shock to the Kimster to learn that her own mother has stolen millions from her while she was ‘taking care of business.’

Kim is so angry that she’s even threatened to walk off the family’s hit E! show “Keeping Up With the Kardashi­ans,” sources say.  “Kim screamed at her mom, ‘You are using me!’” a source close to the series told The ENQUIRER.  “She yelled, ‘You are robbing me of millions! You’d be NOTHING with­out me!’  Kim is behaving like an out-of-control diva. She’s demanding more than her fair share of money and insisting that since she’s the star, she deserves it. But her mom isn’t buying into her greedy, self-serving demands.”

Add to all of this Kim is not happy that the focus of their reality show is suppose to be Kim and her failed her marriage to Kris Humphries and Kim is one pissed off Kimster.

“But she doesn’t want her love life to be center stage all the time. She feels the TV spotlight helped ruin her re­lationship with Kris, and she doesn’t want to wreck what she has with Kanye.”

Kim is the most important Kardashian by far and yet she gets only an equal cut with others in the K-Klan and she is not pleased with all.  She has put her foot down with Kris and has told her it is either her way or the highway.

So there you have the story.  Is Kris going to cave and give Kim her way, hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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