First Look: Chris Meloni With His ‘True Blood’ Fangs (Photo)

First Look: Chris Meloni With His 'True Blood' Fangs (Photo)

Waiting sure does suck!  I am so missing my favorite television show True Blood.  But good news fangbangers!  Our wait is almost over,  our favorite vampires are returning to television June 9th, 2011.  Meanwhile, we managed to get our hands on a first photo of former Law & Order Star Chris Meloni as a vampire with his teeth showing and it looks like he makes an awesome vampire.

Chis will be playing Roman, “an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands.”

What do you think of the photo of Chris?  Are you excited for True Blood to start again?  Make sure to visit us once the show starts we will be live blogging it every week and bringing all the excitement to you!

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