Drake Gives Rihanna A Brutal Verbal Battering

Rihanna Heading To The Drake Show

Chris Brown just released a song in which he verbally beat Rihanna’s face in and now Drake has joined in with an even worse diss.  Looks like Chris and Drake are double teaming on poor Rihanna and we mean that in only one way.

In a song called ‘No Lie’ featuring rapper 2 Chainz, Drake insults Rihanna who dropped/unfollowed Chris from Twitterfor his diss.  This one by Drake is even worse!

The lyrics to ‘No Lie’ go: “She came through, she brought food she got f**cked, she knew wassup. She think I’m the realest out and I say damn, that makes two of us. Oh that look like what’s her name chances are it’s what’s her name, chances are if she was acting up then I f**cked her once and never f**cked again. She could have a Grammy, I still treat that ass like a nominee just need know what that p*ssy like so one time it’s fine with me.”

So what’s up with this?  Do you think Drake is being a gentleman?  Let us know in the comments below.

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