P Diddy Causes Chaos As He Brings Fifty Family Friends To Cannes Festival

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Wait til you hear what the staff who were in charge of the guest list said. So, as most of you may know, P Diddy loves Cannes, in fact, he’s a regular at the event every single year and the people love him to come along, especially because he spends thousands of dollars on things such as drinks. Upon his arrival in France, everyone were shocked when Diddy showed up with FIFTY of his closest family friends to the event, leaving the guest-list staff members speechless.

The event which allows a lot of singers to come to the bash, don’t mind them to bring along a few friends or family members but a whole entourage of people was unacceptable. “Diddy has been a regular at Cannes over the years and is always welcome. However, this year he’s arrived with more people than normal, which has proved a bit of a headache to the people in charge of the guest lists.”

Now, because it’s Diddy we are talking about – the most wealthiest rapper, according to Forbes – he was granted access to the event… and so were the other fifty members who came along. The source ended on a funny note: “Diddy is good value, though, and his bar bill always makes an interesting read.”

More money, more problems less problems, right?

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