While Kourney Kardashian Has A Baby Shower, Scott Disick Gets Drunk & Sick

While Kourney Kardashian Has A Baby Shower, Scott Disick Gets Drunk & Sick

While Scott Disick’s baby-momma Kourtney Kardsahian had a classy baby shower on the west coast, Scott Disick did what he does best- screw up.  At least this time he wasn’t embarrassing the very pregnant Kardashian sister right in front of her face. This time he was safely tucked away on the east coast according to the NY Post, enjoying a hosting gig at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.

The notorious partier was seen downing shots poolside from noon until 5pm. While Kourtney was opening gifts from 90 friends and family at a specially catered affair, Disick was caught vomiting in a garbage can. Apparently even a Caesar salad wasn’t enough to balance out the booze.

Have to wonder how this little weekend adventure will sit with Kourtney who recently laid down five rules that she claims to be insisting that her smarmy man follow. A refresher, if you will.

  1. Scott must continue to attend couple’s therapy where he gets shit from both Kourtney and the therapist… naturally Scott hates this humiliation but what choice does the Lothario have?
  2. Mason needs his papa but Scott could care less. Scott spent more time in clubs partying when Mason was a baby then he did with his son – and publicly bragged that he never changed a diaper – well all that needs to change STAT. Scott is going to be a hands-on dad from now on or else!
  3. Scott must stop drinking – he is an angry drunk who has told friends that ‘drinking helps him deal with Kourtney’s family.’ Good luck with this one!
  4. Scott must get a real job! Scott did open a restaurant recently in NYC called RYU but will he stick with it? Plus, being in that environment is going to make it much harder for him stay off the booze!
  5. Kourtney’s final condition is that Scott stop taking ‘guy trips’ to his favorite party towns like Miami and Las Vegas – I wonder why??? Furthermore, Kourtney has stipulated that she has to be right by Scott’s side on any trips he does manage to take.

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Well, from the looks of it, his weekend antics most definitely broke three rules. Do you think Kourtney will ever leave Scott once and for all? Hit the comments below!

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