Kevin Costner On Upcoming Houstons Reality Show: ‘You Just Hope It’s A Good Decision’

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Kevin Costner not only co-starred alongside Whitney Houston in the blockbuster hit, The Bodyguard, he was also a dear friend to the pop icon ever since first meeting her in 1990. Throughout those years, Costner has stood by Houston’s side and always offered his help whenever it was needed, it was clear these two were very close.

Just last month, Lifetime announced that they were bringing on a whole new reality show to their line-up, named The Houston Family Chronicles.

Wondering on what his reaction and his thoughts on the idea was that the Houstons, including Bobbi Kristina were to get into reality TV, he told AccessHollywood: “She has people around her that adore her, protect her, and they have obviously thought it through.”

Costner definitely showed some kind of concerns in his words as he believes whether it is a good decision or a bad one, you just have to hold your breath and hope for the best: “I don’t want to open my life up like that, but there might be something there for her, and that’s all you can hope – that this is a good decision. Once that decision is made, you hold your breath and hope it is a good decision.”

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  1. Jess DeCristo says

    These are the greedy producers and family members for allowing this to happen, her body’s still warm, this is discusting. I applaud Kevin for his true friendship with her , God bless him.
    So many so called Music ICONS had fallen victims of drug abuse. From way back as Hank Williams , Brian Jones , Janis Joplin , Brian Epstein , Bobby Fuller , Jim Morrison ,Keith Moon , Freddie Prinze Bon Scott , Andy Gibb , Dee Dee Ramone , Kevin Dubrow , James Owen Sullivan ,
    Paul Gray , Anna Nicole Smith , Michael Jackson and now Withney Houston.
    Perhaps this might had never happenned if they had sorrounded themselves with people who really cared about them instead of CHICKEN SHIT ASS KISSING ” YES ” PEOPLE.
    NOW , those who had people who really cared for them, lived a little longer and died of other causes, like ;
    John lennon ; Of all people , and his drug acdiction was known around the world . The world was sorprised that being the rock & roll icon he was, he died a different death, thanks to of all people, Yoko Ono. I never care or disliked Yoko, and I really didn’t blame her for The Beatle’s brake-up, it was gonna happen with or wihout her. As weird as she was / is , she really loved him. It was her who cleansed John from all drug acdiction , in time to become an AMERICAN CITIZEN . Yoko has got my eternal respect .
    Ringo Star has come to having this kinda death several times, But the last time, he was not alone, his beautifull wife Barbara Bach was in the same boat , and they both decided to beat the habit together, with help from friends.
    Sir James Paul McCartney ; He was never consider the suicidal type by the world, TILL Linda passed on, thank God he was well sorrounded by people who loved him, from his family, George Harrison & family, Ringo Star and family who really watched him very closely during the darkest days of his life.
    Johnny Cash : Had an true angel sent from Heaven in June Carter . She not only cleansed him but she was the one responsible for his religious 360* turn around. She turned him from a mean s.o.b. hillbilly to a forgiven man of The Lord.
    Selena Quintanilla was well on her way to becoming the latin Whitney Houston, she was pretty and incredibly talented , and had a fine ass, wow ! just as good as Jenniffer lopez .
    She had her parents with her all the way and her brother and sister, so she was well sorrounded by people who really cared for her, she met a different fate.
    Now personally, I don’t believe for a minute Elvis Presley died , as explained in a passed coment, HOWEVER, That 1 chance in a trillion that I could be wrong migth be alive. Let’s supposed he did passed on on august 16th, 1976 , the fact is, he did have at least 2 best friends and main bodyguards, the closest he could had ever have for brothers in Red West and his cousin Sonny West , the rest of THE MEMPHIS MAFIA came later. Red Was there from the beginning , when Elvis was in High school, he used to saved his ass from being kicked in school. His cousin Sonny West came shortly after. They would had thrown themselves into the fire for Elvis , but, they were let go about 1 year BEFORE his alledged passing

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