‘Just Call Me,’ Mariah Carey’s Drug Addict Sister Hopes To Reconcile After Fifteen Years

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It’s been fifteen years – yes, fifteen years since Alison Carey Scott and sister, Mariah Carey have spoken to each other. The two went their separate ways after having a massive argument over Alison’s promiscuous past. The 50-year old sister had told her family that she was a prostitute and HIV positive first started the bickering but Mariah officially pulled the plug when Scott sold her out in tabloid magazines.

For the past year, Alison has tried everything she can to reach out to her famous sister, in hopes that she will get to meet her nephew and niece, Moroccan and Monroe for the very first time. “I want to reach out to my sister and tell her how much I miss her and how proud I am that we are family… I cannot put into words how moved I was to see pictures of my niece and nephew for the first time. I just wish Mariah would let me be her sister again and a proper auntie to her children,” she says.

Alison goes on to claim that last year, her doctor said she was battling liver cancer which urged her to phone Mariah but sadly, she never heard back from her. Soon after she tried to reached out, Alison continued that it wasn’t liver cancer after all – her doctor had mistaken it for something else.

“I reached out to Mariah last year when a doctor told me I had liver cancer and only four months left to live,” she continued. “A relative told me Mariah decided she wanted to reconcile and she would pay for my treatment. But I never heard from her. It turned out to be nothing more than a gallstone. But it would have been nice if my sister had been there for me.”

Scott, 50, added that she’s hoping a reconciliation with her sister because she’s determined to stay sober: “I’ve had my problems over the years but I want to tell Mariah I have been clean and sober for four months now and I am absolutely determined to keep my life on track.

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