Rihanna Admires Cheryl Cole: ‘I Want To See Her Bend Over… She’s So Hot’

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Rihanna has said many times in interviews how much she loves Cheryl Cole because she’s so pretty but now, it’s going to a different level – explicit. In the latest issue of Esquire, the Barbados born singer says that Cole is so hot that she’d just want to see her bend over, cleaning things and work as she gazes at her.

Now, take it however you want to take it but this sounds a little too desperate to us. RiRi hasn’t been shy about her past relationships with women and definitely doesn’t rule them out of her book but the only question that remains is, will Cheryl be up for a romp with Ri?

“Cheryl Cole is hot. I would just like to watch her work,” Rihanna said. “Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Bending over. She’s hot! I mean, literally – she’s so beautiful.” Cheryl has recently spoken out about her love for Rihanna, saying that she respects her confidence, not caring what anyone thinks of her and just continues to do her own thing despite having so many people wanting her to live up to their expectations.

Rihanna added where she’d want to see herself in 5 years: “Hopefully I’ll have a man by then. I’ve gotta start there, right? But how far I go with my career is God’s plan. I’m just following through my destiny.” The ‘We Found Love’ singer was recently named the third most powerful woman in the world according to Starcount while Justin Bieber ranked at number.2  and Lady Gaga taking the throne.

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