Kim Kardashian: ‘I’m Adjusting To A More Private Life’

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Kim Kardashian has said that she’s trying to adjust to a more private life after her disastrous second marriage to Kris Humphries was an utter fail – filing for divorce after just seventy-two days back in November. The divorce which still hasn’t been finalized as of yet, has shown Kim that showing so much of your personal life has really taken a toll not only on the privacy she desires but also for her brand.

Kardashian is currently dating rapper, Kanye West, who she has linked to for several months but only recently confirmed that they were a couple. Kim has tried to avoid speaking about her new beau in interviews to keep the press out of her love life because she’s definitely scared it will end up having the same backlash the numerous times it had before.

“I’ve kind of tried to adjust my life to have a little more private life,” Kardashian tells People. “My life is very public and so I get that, but if you can choose to have a little bit of a private life I would choose that over other things now, where I probably wouldn’t have before.”

West is set to make an appearance on the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this Sunday on E! Didn’t she just say she wanted a more private life? Showing your boo on your reality show and what you are getting up to is definitely private, isn’t it? Oh Kim, will you ever learn?

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