LeAnn Rimes Sends Brandi Glanville A Nasty Twitter Shot

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LeAnn Rimes Sends Brandi Glanville A Nasty Twitter Shot

LeAnn Rimes and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville hate each other.  LeAnn did a repulsive man-grab and stole Brandi’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian just like Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston.  And just as Jen has never gotten over losing Brad, Brandi has never gotten over losing Eddie.  What makes this situation even worse for Brandi than for Jen is that Brandi’s kids are often under LeAnn’s control… and LeAnn is such a bitch that she uses this to get at Brandi.

LeAnn Rimes has said she was scared of Brandi and that she feared for her life. Brandi has let it be known how she feels about the country music star and her feelings are nothing nice.  But who can blame her?  Certainly not me.  After all, right after LeAnn stole Brandi’s husband she threw salt in the open wound by saying she wasn’t sorry for the affair.

LeAnn recently tweeted a pic of her step son (Brandi’s son) in Hawaiian clothes to Brandi and said “Had to share his luau fabulousness!!!! Mom and he are gonna rock out today. @brandiglanville have Fun!”  Brandi said nothing in response. Her silence was deafening.

Let us know what you think of all this ugliness between Brandi and LeAnn in the comments below! And what about Eddie?  He is a creep and a half too.

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  1. Ben from Baltimore says

    LeAnn Rimes is sane, Brandi Glanville is a mental case on Andy Cohen’s payroll. I feel sorry for the kids of the “Real Housewives”. I saw one episode during the brief summer “Real Housewives” syndication run a couple of years ago when I was in the process of switching from cable TV to Dish Network (I only had HDTVs with rabbit ear antennas at the time, a few NBC affiliates were showing reruns), and the shows are full of crazy women. The show is enough that if I was a Child Welfare worker, I would take 9 of my colleagues, a small army of psychiatrists to evaluate the women, and start an investigation.

  2. Maria says

    Yeah, Brandi is pretty over the top at times, and Leann Rimes is just a little brat. The worst of them all is the husband! He must relish in the fact that these two women are at each others throats over him! What a great guy!

  3. melissa says

    Why choses that skinny bony ass skank Leanne proberly for her $$ cause it certainly isnt looks.She dresses and trys to copy everything Brandy wears. Well one thing she got from Brandy was sloppy 2nds.

  4. Loren says

    There is nothing worse than a whore, except a stupid whore and that’s exactly what Leann Rimes is. I can’t wrap my mind around any woman who thinks that it’s ok to go after another woman’s husband. It’s his fault too, however, if women would respond to these loser guys who want to cheat on their wives with class, respect and let them know that we have higher standards for ourselves it would save a lot of heartache. Leann has gone too far, she has taken jabs at Brandy before and it’s not right. When kids are used, it’s a different ballgame and the claws come out. I’m sure somewhere down the road Leann will get what she deserves, proably when Eddie divorces her and goes back to Brandy. Leann is jealous, she lost a lot of weight so that she can look more like Brandy’s naturally thin body. She wants to be Brandy. Leann is no match for Brandy. Enough is enough! Leave Brandy alone! She did not ask for Leann to be in her life so she should not be considered mentally unstable because she is not happy about it!

    1. True Patriot says

      @Loren True Loren and bottom line is You Cant Fix Stupid nor repair bad DNA. Lee Ann Rimes is worse than a whore & her Karma awaits her.

      Brandi is the one who has been mistreated & is a very attractive woman, very pretty. Eddie the Rabbit must be
      insane to pick Lee Ann Rimes and do what he did to Brandi.

      I agree with all of your comments, and I wish Brandi and her
      children only good things. She deserves it.

  5. Melissa says

    Leanne is soooooo freakin UGLY!! Cant stand her… When she involves the kids I am right there with Brandi! Have your own kids you ugly toad, leave Brandis kids alone!!. You have really made a mess out of your life Leanne. No one likes you do you NOT see that? Eddie will cheat on you its only a matter of time. ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER.. You know it. There will be NO sympathy for you when it happens…BACK OFF B—-!!! GO AWAY!! your ugly face is not welcome anymore. PLEASE GO AWAY so sick of seeing it…

  6. nic says

    She believes that it’s okay to call herself mom? Sending Brandi that is just low! Over time she’s shown her true colors. She just gets uglier and uglier. Shame on Eddie and Leann.

  7. True Patriot says

    Lee Ann Rimes is pond scum. She will not be able to reverse her
    actions of husband stealing, and I have to say he must be insane.

    Lee Ann Rimes is not attractive at all and classless. Eddie got just what he deserves.

    I am not saying I approve of some of Brandi’s antics either, but Brandi is the one who has been mistreated in this fiasco, and is a very attractive woman. Lee Ann Rimes got all the bad DNA which I never would have said outloud until her actions with old
    Eddie Rabbitt (pun intented)

    I wish Brandi the best and would advise her to tone it down on Housewives, but Brandi is the one who has been mistreated.

  8. Disgusted says

    Rimes had a positive future as a country singer once. Now she’s an adulterous whore.

  9. L says

    She was calling Brandi mom…wow this story is totally misconstrued. (hiccup)

  10. anon says

    Maybe I’m not reading it right? Or maybe everyone else isn’t. But it seems to me like she was referring to Brandi as mom. Like the kid got dressed at Leann’s and was going to have fun with his mother..

  11. Lisa York says

    Brandi shouldn’t give Leann a second thought. How classy that she didn’t dignify Rimes’ ignorant tweet with a response. Leann Rimes’ fame escapes me. She is one of the strangest looking people I’ve ever seen & it’s obvious from the very obvious way she tries to copy Brandi’s looks & style that she has a huge inferiority complex. Eddie will wipe his eyes clear one day & get a good look at what he’s married to & be onto the next woman that catches his eye. Watch out Leann-tigers don’t change their stripes!

  12. mia says

    It is a shame that women who get involved with a married man and tht alsohave little ones actually believe they are going to get away with it. As my mother has said we can do whatever we want in life but we cannot pick the consequences.it is pretty low and dirty when the other women manipulates the children against the mothet

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