Justin Bieber Hits Back At Fans: ‘You’re Being Disrespectful’ (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber has blasted his fans after they invaded his space as he waited for Selena Gomez to make her way out of an airplane at the LAX airport.

The singer, who recently debuted his newest album, Believe – already number 1 on iTunes, kept calm but definitely wasn’t happy when fans demanded autographs and pictures while he certainly didn’t want to get disturbed. In a failed attempt to hide under his hood, fans recognized the 18-year old very quickly and surrounded him, screaming and refusing to give Justin some privacy.

Bieber then hit back at the fans, despite giving many autographs, he said: “Why do you have to be so impatient? I’ve been here waiting for my girlfriend… You’re not being very respectful. I feel very disrespected. If you’re really my fans, why are you doing this? I’ve had a long day too. You guys are in my face.”

What do you think? These girls are spending their money to make him the successful artist he is today. While it might be annoying for them to follow him everywhere, it’s the price you pay when you choose the career path of being a musician. Besides, he could have always waited in the car. Let us know what you make of it!!

Catch the video here!

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