‘It Was A Valueable Lesson,’ Katy Perry On Divorce From Russell Brand

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Katy Perry has – once again – spoken out about her divorce to husband of 14 months, Russell Brand, after a lot of arguments and bickering drove them apart. The pop singer has said that going through the divorce process was a valuable lesson to her, reason being is because Katy’s songs carry on making hits like no other, so going through these experiences just gives her more things to write about.

“Actually [the marriage is] really a lesson learned and it’s super-valuable. And I apply it to my life, I learn and a lot of the time, I get really good material for my songs. I don’t rule out the idea, of course not,” she said. “I will always let love lead the way,” the singer told Mario Lopez on Extra.

Katy recently explained her reasoning as to why she wanted to include the whole divorce from Russell in her movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me, saying: “I think that if you went to see the movie and it was completely avoided you come out of that theatre going, ‘Hmmm…That’s strange, I know something else did happen at that time in her life last year,” she explained.

“I wanted to handle it very delicately with the most integrity I could possibly have and show people that, like, ‘Look, yeah, I’m going through some of the same situations that half of America goes through’, and somehow I landed on my feet and you don’t have to lay down and die even if you feel like you’re going to.”

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