Katie Holmes’ Parents Hated Watching Tom Cruise Control Their Daughter

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Katie Holmes' Parents Hated Watching Tom Cruise Control Their Daughter

Katie Holmes‘ parents Martin and Kathleen Holmes never wanted her to marry Tom Cruise, so they are relieved she is kicking him to the curb.  Katie filed for divorce from Tom after 5 years of marriage.  The main reason for the divorce is unknown but many speculate it was Tom’s obsession with the Church of Scientology.  Apparently, now that their daughter Suri Cruise is getting older, Katie was afraid Tom would get her more involved with the church.

“When Katie decided to marry Tom her parents were concerned.”  A source revealed, “Both Martin and Kathleen had very strong reservations about Katie marrying Tom, but she was an adult and they obviously couldn’t stop her from following her heart. It’s been tough for them over the past five years to watch Katie be controlled by Tom and they really felt that they had lost their daughter to some extent.”

Her parents are sad for Katie because they do not want to see their daughter unhappy but at the same time they are glad to have their daughter back they have missed her over the past five years.

One thing for certain now that Martin and Kathleen have their daughter back Tom Cruise is not in control anymore.  Where do you stand on the issue Team Cruise or Team Holmes?  Hit the comments and let us know!

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  1. Patty says

    I have been waiting for this to happen. Tom Cruise is a control freak and has a very big ego. I hope Katie gets full custody and Suri never has any connection with Scientology. Normally I believe spiritual guidance is a good thing with children but not when it’s more a cult than a religion. I really hope Katie gets her own identity back and is happy again like she was before her marriage.

  2. Kristen says

    I know this was going to happen. He did the same thing to Nicole thats why she left. And also I was had a hard time seeing them together, to much of an age difference. I think katie just married her teenage crush. And over time she finally saw him for who he really is a controling jerk.

  3. OldNorseBruin says

    Looks like KATIE is a better actress than FREAKO ever was; she ” got the drop on his ass” BIG TIME!!!

  4. Jay says

    Tom was the biggest star in hwood when she got involved and she knew what she got into – fame, money, luxury etc etc. and as everything comes with price, hers was to make sure the ‘image’ is maintained. seems like she never ‘really married him’ as she was more ‘tuned’ to her parents and is now making a big deal of this when she exactly knew what she was getting into the first place.regarding her youth – she was well into her twenties when she did all this – not exactly young. As far as blame goes – tom is also to blame as he was not tuned enough to get the drift when things were fallin apart. also – if he was really all that controlling – how come she did all this ? – well she made full use of the trust and used it cunningly to get what she wants now and also using media – going grocery shopping every day!! – money will talk soon as we will see in the end settlement – if he has skeletons so has she – whichwill impact her ‘future’ image too – so my guess it will be joint custody – or even primsry tom – msy be the townhome in NYC and $100 million + big banner movie offers will do the trick.

  5. Stone says

    Funny how people think they know the private affairs of 2 people enough to judge and criticize them. I can only wish each the best in their personal and professional lives.

  6. dana says

    Katie milked this Scientology charade for 6 years when convenient, why does she suddenly deserved our blind respect+reverence?

    1. cali says


      Katie is better in playing the ‘meek, quiet’ catholic girl,who can do no wrong.

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