Part Of Me: Katy Perry Still Loves British Men… Except One

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Katy Perry has talked a lot about her divorce these past few months. However, she’s never really been asked if she would still consider dating British men, after her divorce from Russell Brand was filed in November, just weeks before the couple were set to jet off to together to London and celebrate Christmas with Russell’s family.

Katy is currently promoting her 3D documentary/concert movie, which shows the ups and downs of Perry’s life throughout last summer and – of course, the rough times she went through at the end of 2011. In a recent interview, the singer is quoted saying, she’s learned a lot throughout the year – her mistakes were pretty bad but she explains that it is what everyone goes through – it’s life.

“I’m moving forward one step at a time. It was a year I’ll never be able to recreate. It had amazing highs and some big lows, but that’s life. I’ve learnt I’m in a very modern fairytale but I also know I don’t need the Prince Charming to have a happy ending,” she tells The Mirror.

On if she still considers dating British men: “I still believe in love, most definitely. [And] I still like London boys”, before clarifying: “Except one.”

Katy also defended her decision on keeping footage of her bad times in the movie, Katy Perry: Part Of Me, where she discusses her relationship to Brand and the divorce. She says: “There were things that made my tummy turn when I saw them because I had already lived them and really didn’t want to live them again,” she told the paper.

“But I thought maybe if I showed I got through the problems, other people wouldn’t feel so alone. The whole movie is about me overcoming obstacles… my upbringing, the guys in suits from the record labels and then my personal struggle, going through it and landing on my feet. The message is pretty simple – it’s ‘be yourself and you can be anything’.”

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