Jessica Simpson Gaining Weight: Weight Watchers Diet Failing (Photo)

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Jessica Simpson Gaining Weight: Weight Watcher Diet Failing

Jessica Simpson is not turning out to be the next Jennifer Hudson. Whereas Jennifer was a smashing success at losing her extra weight and slimmed down nicely, sources say that Jessica is actually gaining weight!   This is bad news for the ‘Fashion Star’ judge on several counts.

First of all she is under contract with Weight Watchers – a $4 million contract – to show the world how wonderfully their weight loss system works.  Well things are not working out so well as Jess doesn’t seem to be shedding weight since giving birth to daughter, Maxwell Drew.  Could it be the baby’s revenge for being given such a silly name? Are the Fat Gods sending Jess a message?  Maybe she should have given her daughter a girl’s name – is that not politically correct?  Wait, let’s ask that pretentious insufferable freak Gwyneth Paltrow.  Oh sorry, Gwyneth is too busy shoveling GOOP to respond.

In any case Weight Watchers can’t be too pleased with Jessica at this point.  Perhaps they need to assign a monitor to assist Jess – in other words some hire some big lug to tear the food out of her grasping hands and block her access to the refrigerator.  Fiance Eric Johnson should be up to the task but that could cost him his engagement.  Of course from what Jessica said recently about her insatiable sex drive Eric might not be opposed to this outcome…

Not only will Jessica be in breach of her Weight Watchers’ contract but she will never be willing to appear on ‘Fashion Star’ looking like she does now.  She will be ashamed.  When she was pregnant she had her excuse but that was then…  Jess is way too self-conscious to do much publically until she slims down.

The current issue of Star Magazine has the cover: Jessica is having a Diet Disaster and Can’t Stop Gaining Weight!  Star says that Jessica told fiance Eric Johnson that she ‘can’t get married looking like this.’  Star reports that her current deal with Weight Watchers is in jeopardy – no surprise here.

What will be the outcome of Jessica’s struggle?  Is she headed for ‘The Biggest Loser?’ She sure looks the part these days.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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