Report: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Want Babies Immediately

Report: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Want Babies Immediately

Oh heck no!  Awhile ago sources claimed that Miley Cyrus had a plan of being married for five years before having a baby with Liam Hemsworth.  If she did that she’d be a whopping 24 years young.  Anyway, now Us Weekly is reporting that Liam wants a baby and fast.  Better yet, 19 year old Miley is on board with the new shift in plans!

 “It’s good to have someone who is passionate,” Miley Cyrus tells Us of fiance Liam Hemsworth. And fans shocked by her engagement at 19 should brace themselves: “Miley and Liam really want to have a baby quickly,” reveals a Cyrus family source.

Hemsworth, 22, is behind it, adds the source, and his need for speed is competition with big bro Chris, who had a daughter in May. For now, Liam says engaged life is great. “We’re very, very excited and happy!”

I understand if Miley has a touch of baby fever when she holds her new niece.  Babies have a way of doing that to us but really, she is way too young to even think about it.  I realize being connected to Hollywood for most of her life makes Miley wise beyond her years and with resources far beyond what the average teen has, but still, it’s a human being not a new bag.  I don’t see Miley or Liam actually enjoying the hard core, round the clock responsibility that having a baby instantly brings.

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Do you think Miley and Liam will make it down the aisle before a pregnancy announcement is made?  Do you think they’ll marry at all? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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