Vanessa Paradis Moving On From Johnny Depp With Lenny Kravitz

Vanessa Paradis Moving On From Johnny Depp With Lenny Kravitz

TomKat has been the go-to word for the past week’s entertainment news, like a confessional booth at a nudist colony. We all seem to forget about the other little break-up which happened recently, namely Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp going bang.

How does a broken hearted woman mend her heart? She shacks up with her ex. It just takes that painful sting out of divorce, doesn’t it? Rumours are swirling that Vanessa is seeing Lenny Kravitz, whom she dated in the 90’s. Lenny Kravitz is a far cry from the brooding Johnny Depp, but hey, whatever floats your boat Vanessa!

We all remember Lenny Kravitz soothing Nicole Kidman’s little neurotic tears when she broke up with- Wait, is this a serious case of déjà vu or have we gone completely insane? Didn’t he “help out” Nicole when she left Tom? Damn, Katie Holmes, if only you filed for divorce a few weeks earlier you could have had the rocker with the best sex appeal since David Hasselhof, who drunkenly chomped down on a burger and tears one night.

Lenny catches women like children used to catch rock pets in the 80’s.

A friend tells The Enquirer, “Before Vanessa met Johnny; Lenny was the love of her life. Although their romance didn’t last long, they remained close friends over the years and she didn’t hesitate to call him.” How sweet is Lenny for being there for Vanessa and her vulnerable heart? Isn’t he just the sweetest ex ever?

Vanessa needs a properly fit rebound guy after Johnny Depp became “so last month” and Lenny might just be to Vanessa what TomKat is to us.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on this whole situation.

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