Beyonce Is Coming To Terms That Kim Kardashian Isn’t Going Anywhere, She Sees The Love She Has For Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Are New BFFs

Beyonce is starting to accept Kim Kardashian‘s relationship to her friend, Kanye West. The singer, who has known West for almost a decade – when Jay-Z first signed him to his label – have been good friends ever since, but never was she introduced to any of his girlfriends… not even Amber Rose. However, since getting together with the reality star, Kanye knows that this relationship is a keeper – he’s never loved so hard for anyone before.

The Grammy winner and Jay-Z were puzzled at the idea of ever having to sit down with Kim when Ye first asked them to, but according to sources, Beyonce has never seen West so happy and didn’t want there to be any bad blood between her and Kardashian.

“Beyoncé and Kim are both regular churchgoers with strong Christian backgrounds, so no doubt Kanye will have encouraged them to bond over that. They’ll also be able to swap some exercise tips,” a source told Grazia. “When Kanye invited both women out to dinner, Beyoncé decided to give Kim a chance. Kanye’s never been in such a serious relationship and she saw how much it meant to him that they get along.

But, the questions still remains: Will Beyonce and Kim become the new best friends? According to the source, not so much,- at least not yet. “It’s unlikely that they’ll be texting each other every day, but Beyoncé doesn’t want a feud.” However, just a month ago, the thought of even being in the same room with Kardashian was never going to happen, The Sun reports: “Beyoncé’s not happy about Kanye’s relationship with Kim. She had a conservative upbringing which was very different to Kim’s.”

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  1. damien says

    roflmao!!!! this is just too funny….thanks for the laugh

  2. Bonnie says

    When the s**t hit the ceiling there will be no empathy for that lying azz Beyonce. She so phony I hope Kim Kadashian does what she do best divide and conquer. People may think Kim is dumb, but the woman is a smart cookie in her own rights. Beyonce dissing Kim was a joke and Kim do believe in payback. People thought the media was writing false reports about the relationship now come to find out Beyonce is such a liar. Now I understand why Kim brought Beyonce baby that diamond bracelet with from auntie Kim. Kim was trying to buy Beyonce friendship she already felt Beyonce had welcome her is the family. Well I through with Beyonce lies. The reason Blue Ivy pictures are not shared because no one is offerring Bid Bucks. Who cares other celebrities glady and freely show pictures of their babies and its not a big deal. I guess she will also lose Gwen’s close friendhsip as well, because I am sure she lied to her to as well about Kim. Really Beyonce could had spared everybody the grief. Another thing I guess Beyonce and Jay-Z do need the Kardashian’s and Kanya’s music ability because
    Jay-z do not have the creative ability anymore.

  3. ME says

    Hi Bonnieeee, you sound like a fool. Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye are all talented. What is Kim? Trash! LOL

    Kanye is talented but needs Jay Z to remain relevant. If it wasn’t for Kanye’s friendship with Jay, everyone would leave him alone. Sure he’s talented, but otherwise he would be standing on the sidleines looking in. He’s already doing that now, hence the Met Ball. You see, he was invited but NOT Kim. The fashion shows in Paris were due to Kanye and NOT Kim. Truth be told, those fashion houses were pissed that he even brought that trash Kim.

    Oh and Kris J (her mother) is the brains behind the brand. Kim is dumb as a bag of rocks!

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