Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Custody Battle Set To Begin

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Johnny Depp Custody Battle Set To Begin

It had been rumored for months, and if finally happened.  After 14 years together and two children Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis went their separate ways.  Rumor has it Johnny has moved on to greener pastures and is romancing his co-star in The Rum Diaries, Amber Heard.  Whatever the reason, the battle is about to begin for their two children 13-year-old Lilly Rose and 10-year-old-Jack.

Vanessa is furious and ready for a fight, she wants Johnny to spend as little time as possible with the children.  She does not want her children exposed to any of his new girlfriends.  The children are already distraught at the loss of their father.  A source revealed, “This is going to get ugly.  Vanessa is furious and she wants to make sure Johnny and Amber have as little contact with the children as possible.”

Johnny just wants it all to go away and according to sources has offered Vanessa a $100 million payoff. He hoped the money would calm her down and give him access to his children.   But Vanessa is too disgusted with his gallivanting around with Amber.  She feels Johnny dumped his family for Amber and she is not pleased.

What do you think is Johnny Depp in the middle of a mid-life crisis?  Should Johnny be allowed to see the children or is Vanessa right?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Aboveall says

    This doesn’t make any sense…if Vanessa were so worried about the new girls on Johnny’s life, then why the children have spent most of their time in US while Vanessa herself has been in France since early june?…look for the pictures of the children if you don’t believe!…

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