Prince William Got Drunk At His Birthday Bash – All The Details HERE!

Prince William Got Drunk At His Birthday Bash - All The Details HERE!

Prince William turned 30 years old. He celebrated this momentous occasion with downing vodkas. Don’t we all? William took his wife Kate Middleton and 30 friends to a birthday bash at the Russian-themed restaurant Mari Vanna, in Knightsbridge.

A party with the royals must be like partying with your first boss who almost fired you for looking too “eccentric” for his liking and then, when the Christmas party came around, he was the one dancing on the tables in Hello Kitty underwear. A fellow diner tells NOW magazine, “He and his mates were clearly enjoying a good party. Wills looked definitely worse for wear after enjoying a few flavoured vodkas.”

Tsk, tsk, William! You’re the future King of England, no need to get all Babushka on us.

The guests gave Wills their gifts and one of these was a novelty apron with a male model’s six pack printed on the front, so when you wear it, it looks like you have a six pack, but you most probably figured that one out already and you’re now muttering under your breath, “They take me for an idiot…”

Another onlooker says, “He clearly loved it. He was still wearing the apron when he came out into the smoking area at 3 AM… It must’ve been one hell of a party.” Pity the Queen wasn’t invited. How we would have loved to see pictures of the old girl jumping on the tables and singing along to Nicky Minaj…

Kate left earlier at 1 AM and left Wills to party it up at the restaurant and then continue the party at a friend’s house. Kate was boring and Wills was drunk, nothing new to see here!

Let us know in the comments below if you think Wills had one too many at the party. Would you have wanted to join?

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