Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Secretly Meeting

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Secretly Meeting

Lots of rumors whirling around Demi Moore this week.  First we learned that her daughters have cut contact with her and now sources indicate that she is indeed meeting with ex, Ashton Kutcher.  The latest National Enquirer has details on the duos secret counseling sessions that have been underway for a while.

Ashton and Demi are meeting on an almost weekly basis for counseling,” revealed an insider. “They’re bonding and are talking on the phone constantly.  The counseling sessions are incredibly helpful because they have a lot of deep-seated is­sues they’re finally addressing,” revealed the insider.  “Ashton feels tremendous guilt over cheating, but he’s al­ways hated how Demi treats him more like a son than a hus­band. And she complains that he doesn’t give her the proper respect.”

I wonder if Demi knows that Ashton is reportedly seeing former That 70’s Show costar, Mila Kunis.  While Ashton and Mila aren’t admitting to anything serious, they’ve been

Linked over the years. Ashton is also the broken, sort of shady kind of guy that Mila seems attracted to.

Ashton and Mila have been close friends for years, and she’s ea­ger for commitment,” said the insider. “Meanwhile, she doesn’t even know that Demi and Ashton are going through counseling and spend nights together. While Ashton is commit­ted to putting his marriage to Demi back on track, he’s trying to decide what to do about Mila,” said the insider. “He wants to stay friends but he has to figure out how to let her down easy. He also wants his own bio­logical kids, which Demi can’t provide. That’s why Mila has seemed like an attractive option. The truth is that Demi and Ashton have a long way to go before they’re out of the woods.”

Could it be that Ashton has agreed to counseling in an effort to help stabilize his shaky ex?  I suspect any effort on his part will mean, in Demi’s eyes, that the twosome have a hope for reconciliation.   Would it be better for Ashton to make a clean break once and for all or do you think that maybe some sparks exist between these two?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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