Russell Brand Talks Sex Life To Katy Perry, Joking That She Was Up For Many Things

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Russell Brand joked that Katy Perry loved to have sex with Russell Brand in a wheelchair. But how far does that joke actually? Could it be the truth after all? Ha. Who knows? Brand made an appearance on Howard Stern‘s radio show, where the two discussed the comedian’s divorce – which we reported to you yesterday – and other things, such as what the couple’s sex life was like.

An inappropriate question to ask, especially since they are divorced, however, Howard doesn’t care. After all, he’s a comedian himself. “She was very willing to do wheelchair porn,” Brand told Stern. “That woman spent 90% of our marriage in a little electric wheelchair. I don’t want porn anymore,” Brand said. “There is no market for it in my life. I’ve got no kind of weird predilections especially.”

In the interview, Russell had said that he thinks Katy’s new song ‘Wide Awake’ is a “nice song,” before adding that he tries to stay away from questions, regarding his relationship to Perry, because he doesn’t want to make her upset in an interview.

“She’s a young woman dealing with the break-up of the relationship, which is understandable. It’s a nice song. She’s younger than me. She’s a young woman and she’s beautiful and she’s sensitive and I care about her deeply, I don’t want to be too glib,” he admitted. “She’ll read it and she’ll be sad and I don’t want that.”

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