Octomom – Stripping Got Her Off Welfare

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Octomom Stripping Got Her Off Welfare

Back in March Nadya Suleman turned to government assistance to help provide for her 14 children and hefty hair appointment costs, a move that infuriated the masses.  Octomom even received death threats from functional Americans that didn’t want to see their hard earned tax dollars lining her pocket.  Have no fear, her three month cycle ended in June and at that time, according to TMZ,  Octomom did not need to renew her benefits because she is now supporting her family on her own.

Desperate times have caused her to traipse down a new XXX career path, something those 14 kids will no doubt be proud of later.  First she started off with a topless photo, which turned into a self-pleasure video that pretty much saved her house, now Octomom is stripping.  It seems she loves every single minute of her new career too as she calls the video experience “the best, most powerful, and most liberating thing I’ve ever done.”  That’s probably code for, expect more videos in the very near future!

I’m sure we’re all glad not to have to pay for her or her kids anymore, but I have to wonder who the heck is paying to see her video.  She’s not exactly the hottest thing out there and this XXX career path has been a punch line to many jokes, so it’s kind of surprising to find out that it is really paying off.

I also think she’ll do anything to stay in the spotlight and she prefers a get rich quick approach rather than a steady, hard-earned job.

What do you think about Octomom’s choices here?  Does it matter to you what she does, as long as you’re not feeding her kids?  Can you imagine how horrified her kids will be in a few years? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!:

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