Barbra Streisand’s Son Jason Gould Writing A Tell-All Book

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Barbra Streisand's Son Jason Gould Writing A Tell-All Book

Barbra Streisand’s only child is planning to blow the lid off his mother’s career, life and past. Jason Gould, son of actor Elliot Gould, has been having a difficult time with his diva mother. Their relationship has allegedly been strained for years.

Jason (45) is openly gay and was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2000. A source tells The National Enquirer, “Their relationship has hit a new low, and the prospect of a book project has recently been offered to Jason as the ultimate revenge on his domineering mother.”

There’s nothing Funny Girl about this.

Allegedly, Barbra has been trying to control Jason’s life for years. The source revealed, “Jason moved from California to New York to escape his mother’s clutches, but she continued to try to manipulate his love life and career — even from 3,000 miles away! After one of their many dustups, Jason was lamenting to a friend who said, ‘You’ve got a hell of a book there! Why don’t you do a tell-all on your mother? [I]t would sell like crazy!’ and the idea was hatched.” Tsk, tsk, Barbra…

Jason has plenty of damaging material on his award winning mother. The source says, “He grew up against the backdrop of his mother’s love affairs with marquee names like Ryan O’ Neal, Jon Peters and Don Johnson. He also watched her iron-fisted grip and diva antics with actors and directors in huge film productions.” We all know the madness of Ryan O’ Neal after his daughter Tatum released her tell-all book on her father’s life and her youth. He is a bit of a Neanderthal…

Jason is expected to receive $20 million in advance, “Everyone wants to hear the inside skinny on Streisand, and a book from Jason on the good, the bad and the ugly of growing up with his famous mom would sell like hotcakes!”

We are licking our lips, Jason!

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  1. Gwendolyn Graves says

    I hope for his sake that he not write that book. You cant unring a bell or unhear hurtful words. He would make a lotta money, but he would probably lose his mom permanently. Their will always be voyeurs or vultures egging him on, but those very people could care less about him. Jason you have one life to live and with that being said, whether you are famous or not, perfection does not exist in anyone’s household and if writing that book will give you peace and promote some inner growth then do it, but to do it out of anger, and further destroy your relationship with your mom think twice about it.. In life sometimes you are given one shot and the question is if this is true, how would you like to use it.? I would never buy anything that destroys people- it just is not something I can support. My mom would be the same age as your mom if she had lived. I think of her every day, the good and the bad , but if I had one opportunity to see her again- I would say that nothing has happened that it is so bad that we cant overcome. I would say luv you mom and we dont have to agree on the same things, but i love you and wish you were still here. Work your stuff out in therapy and not so other people can enjoy personal pains- they cant give you a big enough advance to clean that up, and also you will find that your motives may make you feel better for a very short time, but regret will be long tern. Godspeed Jason

  2. leah says

    In spite of everything, I do believe he loves his mother. If he actually did something like this he would never have any peace in his life ever. She may be controlling, but she loves her only child to the point of not always making the right decisions. I think right now Babs better focus on her crumbling marriage to James Brolin. I think he weathered the storm with her and is tired now and wants to come in out of the rain. At 70 she better change her ways or pay the man. $390 million ain’t chump change. Better fix it girlfriend!

  3. Neil says

    It’s amazing how excited the author, Reiner, is so excited to see Jason backstab his mother. Why would anyone wish something on a family? Life and relationships are difficult enough with the misunderstandings that occur. We don’t need people rallying behind destruction of relationships.

  4. arlene says

    I’ve had the pleasure personally of meeting Barbra Streisand in 1977 where she signed a one of a kind drawing and she was amazing delightful to me. Jason don’t do it, you have only one mother, protect her and your relationship.

  5. curt says

    Agreed! In truth, the book would sell like hotcakes, but I would be upset because I don’t think that B.S. deserves to have her business told in that manner. Her only crime is that she is an overbearing mother? Some people would kill for a mom who cares so much! I hope that the book remains hersay.

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