Teresa Giudice Responds to Caroline Manzo’s Prediction of Divorce

Teresa Giudice Responds to Caroline Manzo’s Prediction of Divorce

Teresa Giudice is always at odds with someone, or everyone on Real Housewives of New Jersey and this week’s main target is Caroline Manzo.  The latest episode showed a very rocky Teresa and Joe Giudice, with him ripping her apart every chance he got.  Within the first five minutes we learned that Joe had left his wallet in another woman’s car and then he changed the subject by insulting Teresa’s driving, parking and Fabellini flavor.

Oh yeah, and he absolutely hates having to go to her book signings too.  In an interview clip Caroline Manzo predicted that the couple will split because Teresa will eventually decide to set a good example for her girls and show them what a strong woman does.

Teresa took to her personal blog to lash out at Caroline’s comments saying,  “I was shocked by Caroline’s comment about my marriage. Not because I don’t expect her to say nasty things about me and to constantly judge of me — that’s what she does … What shocked me is her hypocrisy.  What Caroline said about me and Joe I think tells you all you need to know about who she is …”

What Caroline said is I think, pretty much what everyone is thinking at this point.  Teresa even wanting to stay with Joe is just mind boggling.  He seems to bring nothing of value to the table and she’d be better of on her own.  Do you think the Giudice’s are really leading very separate lives, as has been widely speculated?  Will Teresa leave him in the dust? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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