Robert Pattinson Turns To Strangers For Support After Kristen Stewart Cheated

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Robert Pattinson Turns To Strangers To Support Him After Kristen Stewart Cheated

Robert Pattinson’s world appears to have radically changed since finding out that his girlfriend of three years, Kristen Stewart, was cheating with director, Rupert Sanders.  He appears to have moved out of the home that he had shared with Stewart and is now staying at a local hotel until he figures out what comes next.

Rather than looking to friends for support, The Sun reports that he has preferred the company of strangers saying,  “Robert has resorted to asking strangers out to keep him company. He went out for drinks with a woman staying in his hotel and he told her it was ‘ridiculous’ he had nobody to talk to. He’s been spending most of his days off playing computer games.”

I don’t think it’s too surprising that Rob would choose to deal with the situation for the most part, by himself.  He is such a low-key guy that I’d imagine the publicity alone is embarrassing the crap out of him.  He probably doesn’t want to be around family or friends that will ask a bunch of questions and grill him on what he’s going to do now.

Speaking of what will come next, what do you think will happen with these two?  Will Rob forgive her and eventually take Kristen back?  Do you think there’s any way at all that he can allow himself to do that or do you believe this relationship is truly over and done with?  Will Kristen even bother trying to win Rob back or do you think she’ll just accept that she blew it and let him go? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. william zabel says

    I think it is over for good. I have never seen a Hollywood actor take cheating this bad. Hell their (Hollywood types) all cheating and they take it in stride. The fact that this guy takes it so hard is he obviously is not part of the hard partying Hollywood crowd who think cheating is normal. Therefore, he like many normal guys around the country see cheating by their signifigant other as well.. treason to put it simply. He needs to move on, but take his time and don’t jump back into a serious relationship yet. Just think about work and being with friends and family.

  2. angela says

    I think they will be just fine everyone needs to just understand people are given ropes everyday all day to either hange yourselves or climb to go higher and when you are afraid of hights you tend to pull yourself down and we all do it at one point and time in our lives. i say Robert just talk and listen then you and only decide what to do don’t let people tell you how to live your life you know what’s good for you not the ones who knows you kristen you made an mistake shake it off lady and know he could either be there for you are you can say you had a great guy and like butter you let it melt away either you go get your man or let him go maybe the chapter is over for you two ok live and learn i love you both and hope for the best for you. and know this you are not what the mean nasty people say you are.the stones they threw are the same stones they will see. so Robert and Kristen make a very wise decison only you know what you two had and still can have. accept what’s happen pick up your lives and goooooooooo.

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