Miley Cyrus’ Pilates Teacher Explains How Actress Lost 20lbs: ‘It’s Effective And Results Are Very Fast’

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It was last year, August when people started criticizing Miley Cyrus‘ weight, saying she was looking too big for her body figure, her face seemed much more fuller than usual and she’s pack on a lot of pounds. But now, it either seems that Cyrus was offended by the comments and determined herself to work out or she just wanted to get back in shape.

Miley has been attending pilates classes for over 7 months to regain a healthy body, and for the first time, her teacher speaks out on how Cyrus has managed to lose so much weight through the workout and how many times the actress comes to classes. Mari Winsor, whose class takes place in Studio City, tells FitSugar:

“Miley is a fan of all Pilates exercises, in particular those that sculpt the abs. Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won’t go back!”

She continued: Her mother had done Winsor Pilates, and when Miley wanted to do Pilates, her mom recommended me. Her results are due to her commitment, hard work, and everyday workouts. I believe what attracts all stars to Pilates is that it’s safe, effective, and the results are very fast when done correctly.

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