Kristen Stewart Ended Rupert Sanders Relationship Via Text, Friend Says: ‘She Knew She Did Wrong’

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Hollywood’s most-hated actress drama continues. Kristen Stewart‘s close friend has told the press that K-Stew’s fling with director Rupert Sanders was ended via text message. According to the unidentified friend, Stewart felt bad for cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and figured that it’s best to stop before it was to get out.

However, Kristen’s friend adds that she’s not all to blame for cheating, saying that Rupert had a massive part in their relationship and should have “known better” than to have an affair with his colleagues. Things were taken out of hand, according to K’s close mate who continued, Stewart was caught in the moment and had no intentions on hurting Pattinson nor Sanders’ family.

“She was caught up in a forbidden relationship with a man who should have known better,” a friend of Stewart’s told The Mirror. “Somehow things got totally out of control. Kristen had wanted to end their closeness that day, but her desires and emotions got the better of her.

“She was caught up in the moment and totally besotted by him. After that day she texted Rupert that she never wanted to do that again because she feared being caught and that things were too intense. She had no intention of leaving Robert and Rupert has never mentioned walking away from his family. She knew she did wrong, but realized how those photos would rip out Rob’s heart. She has been in floods of tears since.”

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  1. Mike says

    very bad try from kristens Pr Team

  2. daniel says

    laisser tomber ça devient ridicule et sans interet. elle n’a rien à se reprocher sauf de faire partie de ce star système mortel

  3. klo says

    Ohh so know it is his fault she did what she did ?
    Give me a break she is old enought to know what she is doing

  4. CH says

    Kristen is a slutty tramp that sleeps around like a feral dog. Yes she is physically beautiful but that will fade with age. She has also committed adultery but not many people follow God’s Laws any more. As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Her name should be Jezebel. She can’t act, has no depth to her personality except that whinny sad pout and is just a waste of space. If Kristen had tried to lure my husband she would be dead.

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