Khloe Kardashian Continues To Receive ‘Disgusting Weight Comments’: ‘Nothing Is Ever Good Enough’

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Khloe Kardashian has hit up on Twitter on her haters, who constantly tell the reality star that she’s too big, she doesn’t look like a Kardashian at all, or even going to the extreme by telling her she weighs more than all Kardashian family members combined. Khloe, who is not shy when it comes to talking about her weight and her body figure, lashed out on the users, without tagging their names.

“Still get disgusted by how people judge others by weight,” she wrote. “Either ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’. Nothing is ever good enough…”. She then continued: “Throwing stones behind a screen. If you must judge a person. Try judging their soul. My brick walls are getting higher and higher.”

Kardashian has been seen facing a lot of harsh comments because of her fuller body figure than her sisters, added: “U can’t love any1 else until u know how to love urself first. The good, bad, ugly, beautiful…. Love yourself deeply. The rest is easy.”

The TV-personality recently spoke about her nephew Mason Disick, loving his newborn sister, Penelope Scott Disick. Writing on her blog, she says: “I’m an auntie again!!!!!!!!!!. As I’m sure you all know, my beautiful big sister gave birth yesterday to the most perfect baby girl you’ve EVER seen – Penelope Scotland Disick!”

“The entire family is literally exploding with joy and have not stopped fawning over our new little girl,” she continued. “And Mason is already loving being a big brother! This is just such a special and happy time for my family. Thank you to Kourt and Scott for making such beautiful babies! LOL.”

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  1. mallrutz says

    She is the only one in her family that I think is real, the others are so fake.

  2. Ms Maria says

    She’s too thin, NOT FAT AT ALL. However, everyone knows this is her insecure button, so they keep pushing it. Good luck Khloe on remaining healthy, and not losing yourself, in exchange for more money and fame.

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