Octomom Auctioning Herself Off On Dating Website

Octomom Auctioning Herself Off On Dating Website

The craziness that is Octomom continues to grow, as the mother of fourteen is now auctioning herself off on a dating website that lets people bid on one another for a chance to score dates! By now we’re used to Nadya Suleman‘s less-than-conventional ways of earning extra cash, but this has got to be one of her more desperate attempts.

The profile on the website reportedly says that she’s “a mother of fourteen, loves to work out, and loves to laugh.” The site Octomom has joined is called What’sYourPrice and asks members to browse  their lineup and place bids on those people who look especially dateworthy.

Basically, if you have money and want to buy a date, you can bid on that special someone. They can either decline or, hopefully, accept your offer. Sounds dreamy, right? It might not be up our alley, we tend to skew toward the go-out-into-world-and-meet-people way of doing things, but thousands of people are doing it.

All right, guys, better hurry up fast before someone takes your chance! Your dream date with the Octomom awaits.

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