Miley Cyrus Was Completely Surprised When Liam Hemsworth Proposed

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Miley Cyrus has told Marie Claire  about her surprising engagement to Liam Hemsworth. The actor proposed to the singer in May and announced the news to the public one week later,- but it seemed to have not only been a surprise to the fans, but also to their family as nobody knew that Liam was set to propose to Miley. In the interview, Miley explains that she and Liam had been talking about getting engaged for a while, despite having an on-and-off relationship throughout the years.

However, in recent interviews from Hemsworth’s family side, they have all welcomed Cyrus into their lives with open arms and feel that she’s the perfect match for Liam. In the latest issue of Marie Claire, Miley explains her engagement: “We’d been kind of talking about [getting engaged], and I saw something like it online at one point and thought it was really pretty, but I usually wear rose gold,” she said. “I just love that it’s old and has a story. And I’m happy because it doesn’t look like anything else I wear.”

The most shocking news however still remains to be that Miley desperately wants to have a child with Liam, whose career has only started taking off earlier this years with the release of The Hunger Games. According to close sources to the couple, Miley is completely serious on starting a family at the age of twenty-years old (once she gives birth) and is willing to settle down with the love of her life: “Miley and Liam really want to have a baby quickly,” a source told US Weekly. “They are both mature and ready for this. Miley is 19 going on 40.”

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