Justin Bieber Says ‘Fame Can Tear You Up’

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Fame can you tear you up, according to Justin Bieber. The singer, currently dating Selena Gomez, gave an interview to Vibe on how being in the spotlight can be quite dangerous, especially when photographers start hiding in the bush, waiting to snap pictures of him doing something scandalous.

“What does that really mean, to be famous? In general, fame can tear you apart, so you can never really feel like you’re famous,” Bieber told Vibe magazine. “When people start acting like they’re famous, that’s when they start losing it. I don’t like giving too much personal information about where I live and the cars I drive.”

Bieber, who was in the news recently for speeding in California added that crazy things happen when you start giving the world too much details about yourself – as then, you start to lose your identity and welcome everyone into your lives.

“There are a lot of people in this world that aren’t good people, and all they need to do is a little research. ‘People hiding in garbage cans overnight to catch [pictures] of me; crazy things happen. You can’t give out too much personal information.”

Bieber is set to go on his Believe tour at the end of summer, while Carly Rae Jepsen will join him.

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