Kim Kardashian Is Glad She Managed To Get Away From Kris Humphries And Their Doomed Marriage

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Kim Kardashian has said that she’s glad she got out of her doomed marriage to Kris Humphries. The couple who wed this month, last year were only married for 72-days before Kim filed for divorce from the NBA player, blaming his change of personality – adding that he wasn’t the person she fell in love with – before continuing that she’s a “hopeless romantic”.

Kardashian has since move on to bigger and better things… literally. Kanye West is her newest beau, since February. The couple have been spotted everywhere: Hawaii, Miami, LA, New York, Paris. Now, many feel that this relationship is also staged but seeing that the two have matching egos, it could be a match made in heaven. Speaking to Now, the reality star explains her marriage and how relieved she was to get out of it:

“I think most people in that situation would have stayed, not wanting to face the embarrassment,” Kardashian said.  “But when you know it’s not right, it’s better to go sooner rather than wait. So I’m glad to have had the courage to walk away. I’ve learnt from those experiences, and I’m in a good place now.”

The divorce however is still ongoing due to Kris’ constant battle to get more money from Kim who allegedly made $15 million from her big day.

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