Willow Smith Writes Shocking Letter To Tupac: ‘Come Back So Mommy Can Be Happy’

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Did Willow Smith just admit that there is tension in Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith‘s relationship? The daughter of the two Hollywood actors recently took a picture of a letter she had written for rapper Tupac, who was a very close friend to Jada – the two had met in an Arts school in New York and were inseparable ever after.

Willow posted the following picture below, which has people thinking that Smith has been down many times in the past. But what is she trying to get at with this message? Is the marriage to Will in jeopardy or what? It’s very unclear but Willow is definitely noticing that her mother isn’t very happy without her “best friend” by her side. Note: Tupac died in 1996 after being gunned down in his car,- it’s been 16 years. The letter read:

“Dear Tupac,

I know you are alive someplace! I think that my mommy really misses you.

Can you please come back can you come back so momy and me can be happy!

I wish you were here…

I really do!

Love, Willow”

Pinkett was aware of Tupac’s bad boy image and his “thug life” behavior, but she wasn’t afraid to be with him. She always wanted to offer him support when he needed it and be there for him. Their personalities matched, and quite frankly, both of them were very passionate about their careers. He loved music, she loved acting.

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