Jada Pinkett Smith Shares Family Photos + Talks How She Handled Pregnancy With Willow

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Jada Pinkett Smith has finally joined the bandwagon and joined Instagram. We’re going to believe that her younger children introduced her to the photo-sharing website, but whatever the case, we’ve already been drawn to the images she has shared to the world – beautiful ones too. Upon joining, Jada uploaded some of her never-before seen pictures of when Willow and Jaden Smith were still babies.

And it just happened that Pinkett had also done an interview on how she coped being pregnant with Willow – her second child to Will Smith. Fit Pregnancy gushed on what Jada had told them:

On her pregnancy with Willow she said:
Well, I don’t feel as big as I felt with my son, Jaden, when I was one big walking Chicklet. I gained 50 pounds. I’m telling you, my thighs spread. Everything spread. It helps that Will loves me pregnant, so he makes it easy. He knows about mood swings. He knows when to back off. He knows how to get me in a better mood. He’s got it down!

A couple of weeks ago, I  suddenly got overwhelmed that I was bringing another baby into the world, all that responsibility. So I cried. But I think crying is healthy. I cry every day. To me, crying is like taking a yoga class. It keeps you in touch.

On whether Willow was planned

[She was] An oops baby. I was starting to wean Jaden, and I’d only had one cycle, so I thought I had some time. Then I got my surprise.

On breastfeeding Jaden:
[I breastfed] a good 18 months. That baby never even saw a bottle. He went everywhere with me — premieres, award shows. I would just find a back room and hook him up.

On whether she had planned to video tape the pregnancy
Because of the business we’re in, Will and I are photographed a lot. I look at my being pregnant as something that we can share privately.I think we’re going to let this pregnancy just belong to the two of us, with no records at all. Just the beautiful records in our minds.

See the pictures below and tell us what you think! Aren’t they just so adorable?

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