Britney Spears Still Has Plans On Marrying Jason Trawick Despite Reports Saying Otherwise: ‘They’re Fine’

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Britney Spears Doesn't Want To Be Under Lock and Key Anymore

Ooops… she’s done it again – when it comes to causing a little bit of drama with the media. Britney Spears had allegedly canceled plans on marrying her fiance and manager Jason Trawick after getting “cold feet” from the thought of ever marrying again. However, a close source to the singer has quickly shut the rumors down, saying that Spears’ main priority right now is X Factor, while Jason will be by her side. Once this season wraps up, they would most likely look into getting married.

Spears and Trawick who announced their engagement last year December are working together on the talent show as Jason has the legal protection rights over Britney who is still unstable to take care of herself (and we mean that in the nicest way possible). The source opened up to People on the whole drama: “They’re fine and both look forward to working again when The X Factor gets started,” the insider said. “They’ve had a great summer.”

Meanwhile, a recent photo shoot that Britney had without her wedding ring on was another controversy. So where was the ring? The source explains: “Jason was holding it for her,” the insider said. “He simply forgot to give it back until later. Even though Britney has been married before, she looks at her wedding to Jason as her real wedding.”

Britney will make her debut TV appearance beginning of September on FOX! Are you watching?

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