Kanye West Fears Kim Kardashian is Turning Into Her Mother

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Kanye West Fears Kim Kardashian is Turning Into Her Mother

Kanye West has made it pretty clear that he has spent the last few months head over heels for Kim Kardashian.  They have been pretty inseperable and have talked marriage and babies but now according to OK Magazine, Kanye is starting to back away from all the serious stuff and the novelty is beginning to wear off for him.

“When they started dating, Kanye adored the way that Kim was assertive and ambitious, but now the novelty is wearing off. She’s full-on all the time, and he can’t ever relax.”

Even worse than feeling like Kim is becoming a new appendage, is the realization that her control freak behavior reminds him a bit too much of her momager, Kris Jenner.  Kanye sees the similarities between mother and daughter and he is in no rush to become like Bruce Jenner, controlled and emotionally beaten down on a regular basis.

“Kris can be fearsome at the best of times and Kim already shares some of her traits. Kim can be bossy, and she likes to be in control, getting her own way – just like her mum. Much as Kanye loves Kim, he’s terrified that as she gets older she’ll become more like her mum – and he’s not sure he can live with that.”

Personally, I doubt that Kanye will surrender control to anyone for very long.  He himself is also a control freak so this pairing was bizarre right from the start. I’m betting a fight over control is what will ultimately split these two. .  Even if he does love Kim, can you imagine living with a mother-in-law like Kris?  I think one of the worst things Kim has going for her is her mother!  That alone should send her boyfriends running!

Will Kanye wisely walk away from Kim and avoid any chance of being married to the next Kris Jenner?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Run Kanye while u still have a chance says

    If Kanye has half a brain and I hope he does, he will walk away now. She may be the love of his life, but as the saying goes, sometimes you have to love someone enough to walk away from them/let it/them go. Kim will change for no one, not even Kanye. She has proven that already. She is just like her Mother and nothing and no one will ever change that.

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