Nicole Scherzinger Delays X Factor Filming As She Jets Off To London To See Lewis Hamilton For Just ONE DAY!

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Nicole Scherzinger jetted off to London on Saturday to be close to her boyfriend of five years, Lewis Hamilton. The singer had asked producers if they would be willing to reschedule shooting the upcoming scenes for the X Factor UK, where Nicole had been made a permanent judge with a salary of $1.2 million – which is more than what she received on the US version.

Lewis was overwhelmed when Nicole arrived in the UK, Saturday evening to spend the night with him because his aunt is “terminally ill,” which has put her in a critical condition in the hospital. Scherzinger wasn’t in London to get cozy with Lewis, she was there to show him support and be there for him and his auntie who will hopefully overcome her illness.

“[Nicole] begged for some quality time with Lewis,” an insider told The Sun. “It meant she had to step off an overnight plane and begin shooting straight away. She must have been exhausted but she felt it was worth it to spend just a few hours with her man. They’re obviously very much loved up once more.”

Nicole jetted back to Los Angeles on Sunday, which meant she would have to rush to the set of X Factor and prepare for filming. Now, can we just take the time to say how wonderful she is. She really loves Lewis, doesn’t she?

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