Eva Longoria And Victoria Beckham Are Boring… All They Do Is Borrow Clothes

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Don’t worry, it’s not coming from our mouth… this time! Ha. Eva Longoria has said that she and Victoria Beckham are very boring, when they meet up, it’s just the usual girly chat and then the question on what they want to borrow from each other. The two have been close friends ever since David and Victoria made the move from London to Los Angeles in 2007.

According to Eva, people have told her that they are envious of the friendship she has with the fashion designer, but she reassures them that it’s nothing special – simply the basic stuff and every now and then popping into the closet to see what she can put on for herself. “I think every woman should have a close circle of friends to talk to,” she tells LOOK magazine.

“People keep saying they’re envious of my friendship with Victoria Beckham but we’re pretty boring. We just talk about normal girl stuff and I borrow her clothes. I feel sexiest probably right after a shower when I’m just in my sweats without make-up.”

The issue is on stands early September! Getcha copy.

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