‘Chris Brown Fans Sent Me Death Threats For Days’: Pink Admits Society Has Changed A Lot Through The Years

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Pink is not a person who shuts her mouth when she has an opinion that needs to be heard, and rightfully so. The singer, who is releasing her next studio album next month has spoken about an incident that took place on Twitter where she criticized Chris Brown‘s performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Brown was supposedly lip-syncing throughout the performance and Pink didn’t like it.

So, she said it like she meant it and Brown’s fans weren’t too pleased with what she had to say. According to her, she was receiving death threats for days – which she says is blamed because of the internet which has created monsters to attack people behind a PC: “The internet has created monsters. People that wouldn’t have the balls to say anything in person but they get a keyboard under their fingers and, well, there’s that saying, ‘Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority’,” Pink told News.com.au.

“There are so many haters in the world, so many miserable people. It was a joke. It wasn’t even meant like, ‘I hate Chris Brown’. Twitter brings out the best and worst in people – myself included. With the Chris Brown thing I got death threats for days. My favorite was, ‘I will snatch you within an inch of your life’. I don’t know how that works exactly, but whatever you want.”

Seeing that she has a humorous side to her makes us love her even more! The woman is tough, and she will not back down from any fight. We’re just eager to hear the album! Definitely no Chris collab anytime soon then..? Ha.

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  1. Renae says

    She’s right, some people online use that anonymity to cyber bully people, celebs too. The worst thing is that they take it upon themselves to do this, virtually no celeb asks their fans to attack someone else. It’s these little girls behind their computers mostly (even though there are adults doing similar bullying), Beiber fans threaten people for simply not liking him, Paris Jackson was just threatened by One Direction fans, Chris brown fans threaten Pink…the list goes on and on. And those idiotic fans make the celebs look bad.

    Hopefully they grow out of this but it seems like the problems getting worse.

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